andyhh973 admin , alcoholic, racist and homophobic

In what job , the employees can be drunk on cam and talk very badly about customers and the boss says nothing ? on cam4 only , that prove how admins are serious , how they respect users , and how cam4 is a bad site , cause try do the same at your job and you will see if your boss will be happy and if he will not put you out, and this admin insulted gays , how one admin can have opinion about gays , i have nothing about gay , and party stay on , the site can agree that ? yes , he is homnophobe , and every people will put down this video , will agree with insults and cam4 , not say my friend or my bro is gay , you will can check the insults he gave , he is the real homophobe , and he happy in his fake mood , the real asshole , hear well you will can hear how he talk about russian and ukrain , last week he insulted gays , you have all eveidences for judge now , and how admins respect people people on cam4
Anonymous 2 months ago

fuck u fake admin